Building friendships with the entire home is important to us. Having programs for adults not only allows us to impact the entire family, but it allows the adults to be connected to their neighbors inside and outside of Sun Valley.



This formal training is for adults of all ages and various backgrounds. Food, laughter and story-telling is a big part of this time.

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Conversation Group

Adults can have a safe place to meet, laugh and practice conversational English. This program allows for fun and learning. We take groups on experiences outside of Sun Valley and create opportunities to build their confidence in everyday situations like ordering coffee, shopping and touring Denver.


Mend Creative: Sewing Club

Adults in the community are taught sewing from a beginner level to more advanced skills. This creates the opportunity to learn a life-skill or develop a hobby, and also to engage in healthy adult interaction within their community.

If you want to volunteer for any of our programs, please visit our Volunteer Page