Jordan and Katie Fischer are the Co-Founders of Hope In Our City.  Together with their 4 children, they are excited to know and love their neighbors.  Through their dozens of international trips and involvement with international organizations for over 12 years, they have a passion to serve refugees in their own backyard.

While Jordan is from Virginia, Katie is a native to Colorado.  They enjoy the outdoors, skiing, golfing, hiking and all sports.

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Ben manages Church and Volunteers Relations.  He has ten years of non-profit and ministry experience working in Colorado and Virginia. He believes God calls His Church to care for the most vulnerable in society, including the stranger. Ben works to empower the local church to “love thy neighbor” by building relationships with at-risk communities. He believes that God works through relationships to affect lasting change.

Ben is from West Virginia, but he and his wife Kate now call Denver home. Ben and Kate have been married for seven years and are both passionate about people, the arts, and food. 




Courtney oversees Women's Programs and Community Relations.  Through overseas trips, refugee resettlement and non-profit work, Courtney has developed a love and heart for creating space for community among the most vulnerable in the United States, specifically refugees.  She believes God calls each of us to love our neighbor including the ethnically and religiously diverse, and believes that through cross-cultural relationships we may understand more fully our God who creates all in His image.

Courtney is from Boston, MA, and loves the outdoors, learning language and getting to know people over coffee.



Elizabeth supervises the Children's Programs. As a previous mentor, intern, and volunteer for several youth programs, she has seen the value of faithfulness and sincerity within youth development. She is passionate about creating safe spaces where youth can experience love, growth, and acceptance. Elizabeth believes God has designed us to be in mutually-transforming community, with all people. Through a restored relationship with God and His people, we are brought closer to the peace God intended for us. 

Elizabeth is from Dallas, Texas. She loves reading, drinking coffee with friends, and learning about holistic health and wellness. 



Steve Walkup    Chairman


Steve is the Chairman of the Board.  He has worked for the Denver Rescue Mission for 24 years; 21 as the Vice President of Programs, and currently as the Spiritual Director. Steve has sat on many boards and held officer positions for organizations around the world. He has years of experience in building successful programs, and has a deep passion to serve the city.

Steve and his wife, Lori, have two grown children and six grandchildren.  Steve enjoys sports, golf, hiking, fishing and traveling.


Jordan Fischer      President and Treasurer


Jordan is orginally from Virginia.  He received a degree in Business from The King's College in New York City, where he met Katie.  He spent 8 years learning fundraising, non-profit management, operations and finance before co-founding Hope In Our City.

Jordan and his wife, Katie, have 4 young children.  They enjoy all sports, the outdoors, and traveling.


Eugene Kim     Secretary


Eugene is originally from Los Angeles, Ca.  He attended UCLA, and played on the Varsity Men's Volleyball team during his time there.  He has since pursued a degree in law at the University of Minnesota.  After graduating from law school, he moved to Denver, where he worked as a litigator for a large law firm, then served as a general counsel for a local franchise company, and also as an in-house counsel for RE/MAX, specifically focused on domestic and international franchise issues. Currently, he works on the legal team for Vail Resorts.

Eugene and his wife, Macy have two young children.


Shelley Mills   Member


Shelley has a heart for building relationships with women from all different types of backgrounds. Over the past 6 years she has dedicated her time to partnering with nonprofits that serve communities that are the most vulnerable. She has been serving with us as a volunteer for the several months. She has enjoyed making new friends at our weekly women’s conversations groups and playing with the kids at Friday recesses.

Shelley loves being out in nature, reading and learning new things.  She is married and has two grown sons, a step daughter, and an 8 year old granddaughter. 


Rudy Garza III   Member


Rudy graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities degree from the College at Southwestern. He has actively served his community in various capacities including as a supervisor at Union Gospel Mission, an investigator for CPS, a youth worker for the Denver Family Crisis Center, and currently working to become a DV and DUI counselor at an outpatient clinic. Currently he serves as the lead Pastor for Via Church, a new church plant located in southwest Denver.

He and his wife Cindy enjoy hiking, watching movies, and spending time with family and friends.