Hope In Our City believes that true transformation for generations to come begins with engaging the entire individual, family and community.  By engaging them with healthy, life-giving activities and providing community and friendship, true, lasting change occurs.

History shows the negative consequences society reaps when individuals lack hope and become disengaged from healthy communities.  We exists so this does not happen.

We believe that building trust, earning respect and fostering community engagement is essential to making lasting impact.  Since each individual and family is unique, we believe that through building friendships all other needs come into clearer focus.  With this in mind, we believe these things are essential in all that we do:


  1. Do what we say we are going to do, and do not commit to something that we are not sure we can do.

  2. Create experiences to open worldviews and share memories together.

  3. Be true to who we are and ask participants to do that same.

  4. Have fun: don’t create something for others to do that I wouldn’t want to do myself.

  5. Engage the whole individual, family and community.