“Hope In Our City  has been involved in community development in the Sun Valley neighborhoods for a number of years. Their entrenched commitment to long term development and support to families in the community has significantly benefited the Denver Rescue Mission (DRM).  For years DRM has placed numerous families into housing in Sun Valley but have not had the capacity to provide the long term support and services needed for these families.  Hope in our City has abundantly filled in this gap with programs resulting in long term stability and self-sufficiency for many families.   We are very grateful for the quality work, friendship and support of Hope In Our City to enhance the work of DRM!”

Tom Leavitt - Director of Family Services


“Hope In Our City has been an essential partner to DHA’s Workforce Development and Community Initiatives Department (WDCI) in the Sun Valley neighborhood since 2015.  Their service has been invaluable in creating lasting relationships with the DHA Sun Valley residents through their offering of multiple programs and services to our residents.”

Shaina Burkett - WDCI Program Manager


“We view Hope In Our City as a powerful partner in reaching Denver for the Kingdom.  They are perfectly aligned with our Core Values and we believe their acts of LOVE toward the refugee communities are glorifying to God.  Jordan and Katie understand that the key to reaching others is by making connections, forming relationships and building trust.  We are excited to see what God has in store for this ministry!”

James Ruder - CEO


“The Hope In Our City staff has been a strong, consistent partnership with Fairview. They have become a staple in the Sun Valley neighborhood for students because of the relationships they have built with our students. Being able to take this partnership to the next level will only enhance the work and partnership between Fairview and Hope In Our City.”

TJ Layne - Principal

“Hope In Our City is fostering genuine partnership between communities that don’t normally interact.  There is no one-way charity, where the “rich” give to the “poor.”  Instead, they are a conduit for humans connecting with humans.  Everyone gives.  Everyone receives.  Everyone is enriched.  Our church is learning to receive the image of God in everyone because of their work.”

Hunter Beaumont - Pastor


If you would like to join these organizations and companies in partnering with Hope In Our City to make generational impact, please contact Jordan Fischer today: jordan@hopeinourcity.org or 303-653-6576