After School and Friday Recess

Everyday after school we hang out with elementary kids. We share a few snacks, work on homework, play music and games and learn things like cooking, art and music.

On Fridays, we meet outside Fairview Elementary School and open it up to the whole neighborhood and all ages. Each week varies, but there's usually a craft, some basketball, foursquare, football, kick ball and some crazy games of tag on the playground.  Snacks are served along with lots of water. 

Kids love the attention and interaction in a healthy, safe environment in their own community.


Summer Kids Club

This 4-week long club meets Monday through Friday starting June 18th. Each week kids learn about a different theme. Each day of the week focuses on a topic of the theme. Check out all the details below and learn about donation options to support this great summer program for those in Sun Valley and in the surrounding neighborhoods and our church partners.


Youth Leadership Program

Middle and high school students are learning life-skills like trust, courage and humility. They are grouped into age and gender.  Each group has adult volunteers overseeing and facilitating the semester.  Our goal is to create an opportunity for each young man and woman to grow and develop into leading where they are today, while also preparing them for a bright future.

If you want to volunteer for any of our programs, please visit our Volunteer Page